I’m Shashi


Welcome to my blog…

My name is “K Chandrashekar Thunga” you can call me just, “Thunga”. My nick name is SHASHI. That is my pen name and also this blog’s
identity. I suppose, my mother was a fan of bollywood actor shashi kapoor and hence, she started calling me shashi. If my hypothesis is wrong, I will be very

I am a Blogger, Writer, Stock market investor, Aspiring Novelist, etc. Did B.Sc in Biotechnology. But, lost my interest in it soon after that.

life story is a weird crossover of bollywood movies like, Taare zameen par, 3 idiots, munnabhai MBBS, Bhajrangi bhaijaan.

My school life followed the track of
Ishaan avasthi if taare zameen par except, I never had any dislexia. But, I had social anxiety disorder which made me a social outcast. I never had friends
in my childhood. I played cricket only once in my life, when I was a 10 year old kid. That cricket ball just missed hitting my balls. That day, I never
forget in my life. Thank god, for not screwing my life permanently. After that, I never played cricket in my life. I suck in sports generally. I only prefer
carrom and chess.

My college life was like, Bhajrangi Bhaijaan. The scene where he repeatedly fails in exams and gets slapped by his father, that’s really me.
Except, I took only three attempts to get the hell out of my PUC classrooms.

I never choose medical or engineering. I was never interested in it. I choose
B.Sc. For god sake, I completed it.

I also joined Law school only for my father’s force. That portion of my life follows the track of farhan qureshi of 3
idiots and also munnabhai MBBS. I finally law school in middle. In simple language, I am a law school dropout.

Some people tell me I am an idiot. Some people,
stare at me with a puzzled look on their face.

May be, you will get a clarity about me when you read my articles. Go on….