A Dilemma


Sometimes, I wonder why I do things the way I do?

Is it because of my innate stubbornness? Or it is due to something else? It is a constant dilemma.

Take this blog for example. Sometimes, I have written fitness related articles. Even though, Personally I don’t give a damn about it!

So, I stopped writing about fitness. Because, it is a matter of integrity. If I don’t follow what I write, then how can I expect respect from someone else?

Then why I did this in the first place?

May be, it is due to the demand that subject is enjoying in blogging world. So, logically if I write about a subject which has high search history in google, then I will get good traffic.

If I have no intention to monetize my blog then, AMOUNT OF TRAFFIC has nothing to do with me.  Then what?

May be, my sub-conscious mind had thought that, If more people read my blog, then I will get more comments and feed backs. I think, this is the main reason people do share their thoughts with others.

I still don’t know which one is right explanation, which one is not. It is a bewildered state of mind. Sometimes, I tend to lose myself in this procrastination cycle.

Another thing is about no. of words an article should have.

Some people say, It is good to have 1k, 2k or more words in a blog post. Personally, I don’t believe in that. Because, If I can, convey my thoughts in simple two or three paragraphs, then why should I drag it unnecessarily?

I occasionally visit, ” ZEN HABITS”. Leo Babauta’s articles are always content heavy. But, also satisfying. I have also read, SETH GODIN’s blog posts. Some of his posts are within 100 words. But, still they are satisfying.

That makes me think…

“Which is right way? Which is wrong way?”

It is an eternal dilemma.



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